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Bill Herndon


Bill Herndon is the founder and President SFI Enterprise and M2M Studios, with 18+ years of industry experience. Mr. Herndon has had development deals with VH1 and Big Fish Productions. Mr. Herndon is a creator and producer of “Count Down” (IMDb), “7 Hills” (IMDb), and the award-winning short film “A Life to Live” (IMDb).  His projects include a new sitcom in development call PARDA (IMDb), past projects include America’s Next Big Franchise (winner for the 2015 NYTVF A&E Pipeline Development), Sisters of the Game (winner for the 2013 NYTVF Lifetime Network Development Pipeline), Stage Moms of LA ( 2014 Semi-Finalist for NYTVF Lifetime Network Development Pipeline), and more.

With a unique angle for talent and content development, combined with marketing and branding, Mr. Herndon has worked with several consumer brands on cross promotional and marketing initiatives: BET/Viacom, Best Buy, Jetblue, NY Pizza Patrol, NYPD Pizzeria, BP Shell, Foot Locker, Jonathan Product, Gatsby Hair Product, Model’s Sporting Goods, Cablevision, Paramount Pictures, Burger King, Jansports, Coca Cola, Vitaminwater and many more.

Mr. Herndon also has over 18 years of experience in the music business developing artists and music-based content, which included a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records. He has worked with Warner Music Group, Capitol Records, Warner Chappell, Universal, The Dream, Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, Neyo, Lauryn Hill‬, Ester Dean‬, as well as many recognized industry executives and producers.